Welcome **littlefish** to The Vault, we're glad you've found us. You've discovered a passionate community of builders, creators, and dreamers. We value freedom and reward the curious. Feel free to explore whatever grabs your attention. Enjoy the rabbithole but bookmark this page, just in case you get lost! ## Choose your own adventure: The Whitepaper ![[Whitepaper Index]] ## littlefish Foundation in Project Catalyst [[Project Catalyst]]: Cardano's innovation machine we owe our thanks to. [[Fund 9 Start Here]]: All our proposals in Fund 9. [[Funded Proposals]]: What is the state of littlefish Funded proposals? ## littlefish Foundation, all you need to know [[Organizational Structure]]: We are made up of 5 subgroups - [[Dream Engine]] - [[The Forge]] - [[Love House]] - [[Organization Labs]] - [[Tech Help Collective]] If you're interested in learning about out community: [[Community Onboarding]] If you're looking to become a contributor: [[Contributor Guideline]] The Tools we use: [[littlefish Tools of Work]] ## Simplifying Decentralized Work Living on the edge of technology is no simple thing. Complexity is abundant, the technology is difficult to get a grasp on, and there isn't a lot of information to make it all simpler. That's what we try to do here at littlefish Foundation. [[Blockchain 101]] [[Cardano 101]] [[Issues in Decentralized Organization]]: The place where we explore the issues that arise in Decentralized Organizations [[Work Tools Index|Work Tools Research]]: There are an abundance of technologies we can use. This is our effort to research and compile that research so everybody can benefit. [[Wallets|Cardano Wallets]]: One critical piece of technology is wallets. We dedicate some portion of our time to researching and understanding all the wallets that are out there for Cardano, so you don't have to.